Methodist McKinney Hospital Hosts Carter BloodCare Blood Drive this Summer & Hits A New Record

Methodist McKinney Hospital, along with Carter BloodCare hosted a blood drive on July 10, 2019 and successfully collected 27 units, which will save 81 lives in our community. This event was the most successful blood drive Methodist has ever had — this is a major accomplishment, especially during the summer months! 

During the summer months, it is common for blood centers all across the country to experience a shortage on all blood types. This shortage comes from three main factors:

  1. Majority of blood donors are out of town on summer vacation and therefore not lining up to make a donations
  2. Since schools and universities are not in sessions during the summer months, there isn’t as many planned events to gain donors (these types of events count towards nearly 21 percent of all the blood Carter BloodCare receives each year)
  3. There is an increase in injuries during the summer months as more people are active and therefore more blood is needed

Methodist McKinney Hospital will host another blood drive in Fall 2019, stay tuned for more details on upcoming events that can help our community. 

Blood drive hosted by Methodist McKinney Hospital in Summer 2019