The Morning Pride Lion’s Club of McKinney has just begun a new program. Once a month, we fill the little free pantry outside of Hugs Café with staples, personal products and other items.  This little pantry is open and available for anyone that needs some help putting food on the table. Lion Cecilia White, who is also a team member at the local Market Street grocery store, demonstrated for other club members how to select the most appropriate items to fill the shelves of the pantry. “Try to select those items that have special WIC labels, so that you will know that the most economic, nutritious foods are being chosen,” she noted.  “Also, any time you can purchase a product with easy-open capabilities, like flip-top lids it will help a homeless person by eliminating the need for special tools, such as can openers, scissors, etc.”

This week, she and Lion Sharon Hagen picked up a basket full of nutritious, easy-to-manage items that they will use to fill the pantry this week. “We are so excited to be able to find this outlet to help those who need help in our own community,” said MMPL president Kristina Rowell. “Everyone is anxious for their turn to fill the pantry – our entire year’s schedule is already planned!”

McKinney Morning Pride Lions (left to right) Cecilia White and Sharon Hagen after their shopping trip to Market Street to purchase items for the Little Pantry!