After surviving cancer herself, Leia T. Hunt has been on a mission to help families whose kids are going through what she battled.

That's what led her to create the non-profit Leia’s Kids, based in McKinney.

She started Leia’s Kids when I was 17. After surviving cancer twice and helping her oncologist raise money for Retinoblastoma cancer, she realized that she can help other kids also.

When she heard that families needed money just to pay for the gas to get to the chemo treatment, she realized that she should raise money to give to the families. This is where Leia’s Kids began.

She raises money and gives the donation to a child fighting cancer. She wants the family to use it for anything they need.

"People need to know, that in their darkest hour, they are not alone. If we help the helpless just a bit, it can make all the difference," she said.

The mission of Leia’s Kids is to provide hope and support to children and their families battling childhood cancer. Leia’s Kids does this by directly donating to families battling childhood cancer.

Leia’s Kids honors each child and their family through a Crown-A-Kid party. This is a time to celebrate and encourage the child and family in the biggest battle of their lives.