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Leadership McKinney, a program of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce, has entered its 27th year and continues to motivate class participants to become change agents for the community.

As part of the program curriculum, the Leadership McKinney Class of 2015 is required to complete a class project. They are inviting community organizations to submit proposals for specific, short-term projects.

Class members are looking for projects that:

  • Meet a need based on an organizational or McKinney issue.
  • Prepare participants for future leadership activities by creating a sense of collective efficacy, e.g. “Together, we can make a difference.”
  • Provide participants with an opportunity to practice team leadership and group management skills.
  • Enable participants to develop strong, lasting relationships among class members.
  • Instill the practice of volunteer service in each participant.



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About the Leadership McKinney

Leadership McKinney is a program of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce that has been providing leadership training since its inception in 1988. Based on a curriculum that combines personal leadership skills training and an awareness of the McKinney community, this challenging educational experience provides participants the opportunity to engage in dialogue with leaders and field specific experts on relevant community issues. This nationally-recognized program has over 500 program alumni representing all sectors of the community. They strive to put community trusteeship into action by combining inclusiveness, collaborative decision making, personal responsibility and visioning. Leadership McKinney’s Mission: Learning responsibility for the whole community; working together in the spirit of unity; discovering the past, defining the present and shaping our common future. Visit the Leadership page on the Chamber’s website for more information.