About 10 years ago, Myron Wilson, who previously served as a pastor, was met by fate to help others in his community. 

Wilson met a young girl who had aged out of the foster system. She had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. He took her in and guided her until she was 18.

His exposure to her unfortunate circumstances gave him the drive to help others like her. He took his passion for helping youth and made a successful non-profit organization in North Texas.

In 2017, Direction 61:3 became a non-profit organization. Their focus is to help youth who have aged out of the foster system. Aging out happens when young adults don't have a support system or resources outside of the foster system.

Recently, Direction 61:3 has relocated its operations to McKinney. The farm provides housing to 60 youths, space to hold events, and administrative offices. They also have centers and housing in Denton.

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