Will be at the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts

McKINNEY, TX -- Rose-Mary Rumbley grew to amass a knowledge of Dallas unequalled by anyone else today. In fact, Celebration Magazine and the Dallas Observer  describe her as “a rock star.” After appearing in the 1973 movie, “Paper Moon,” Rumbley became a popular historian, storyteller, humorist, author, and actress. 

The Heard-Craig Center for the Arts will open its Garden for a Meet and Greet to honor Dr. Rose-Mary Rumbley who has become a fascinating speaker for many organizations.  Her stories of Dallas and of her childhood are perpetually a delight to audiences.

According to the Observer: “She speaks with authority on dozens of topics: Dallas parks, the history of Oak Cliff, old-time radio, vaudeville, Broadway shows, Sam Houston, Texas' small-town food festivals and many others.  Rumbley has written a number of books including “Dallas, Too: Stories I’m Telling Again Because I Want to Hear Them Myself!” and “A Century of Class, about the history of public education in Dallas, 1884-1984” about the history of public education in Dallas.   

“Rose-Mary is a humorist which endears her to many of our groups.  She’s written many books including, “Dear Santa, Thank You for the Piano,” said Karen Zupanic, Museum Director.  “We hope that residents will come by, say hello, and thank Rose-Mary for her continuing contributions to our organizations’ programming.   

The event is being coordinated by Heard-Craig Center for the Arts Patron Member Anne DeLarosa, President of the Tri-Cities Book Review Group. 

The Dr. Rose-Mary Rumbley Meet and Greet: 
10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon
Wednesday, July 7, 2021
Heard-Craig Center for the Arts Garden