Exploring Engineering with Women in STEM!

By 2028 Collin County is anticipated to have more than 48k STEM-related jobs. The five most popular STEM-related jobs in the county include software and application developers, computer system analysts and computer support specialists.


AEYL provides career exploration designed to help teens find their passion through hands-on activities, industry informed and presented workshops that include company tours. On Thursday, March 28, 2019, Emerson's (Women In STEM), led by Chantel Bailey, hosted Ceretha Robinson, Founder of My Sisters' Mirror; AEYL's leadership group for young ladies, an evening of inspiration and introduction to Engineering; an industry that ranks low in interest of the female population- which is rapidly changing because 'GIRLS ARE ENGINEERS TOO'!

"This event really opens my eyes to how much women actually put in work and a lot of new opportunities that we have right in front of us," said Mia Alexander as she toured the facility and learned how the equipment is manufactured and tested. 

As she assembled and disassembled a home service regulator, Kyerra Robinson mentioned "I love this hands-on experience. You don't get to do this often. STEM is not really focused on one thing, but many things and that is what sticks out to me."

As the groups enjoyed refreshments together and gathered for a group picture, many of the girls agreed with Christy Williams when she said, "This was amazing."