Each February, Black History Month is an opportunity for our communities to place special emphasis on the celebration of Black lives and voices and recognize the significant contributions of African Americans, both nationally and locally. This year a committee made up of volunteers led by Dr. Gere' Feltus presents McKinney Black History Month 2022: Legends to Legacies - a community-led and community-focused month-long program of events.

Residents of North Texas are encouraged to visit the city of McKinney this February to enjoy signature events and programs scheduled to honor, celebrate, and uplift the contributions of African Americans to the culture and society in McKinney and the surrounding area.

Signature events include the inaugural McKinney Black History Month Art Exhibit and Competition held at the McKinney Performing Arts Center on Feb 5th with cash prizes totaling $1,750 and The Harlem Renaissance-themed party on February 18th at The Sanctuary Event Center with a live band, DJ, dancers, red carpet best-dressed Roaring 20’s contest and 360 photo booth. Another impactful and engaging event is the McKinney Black History Month Lecture series held live every Thursday evening in February with expert panelists covering topics such as black businesses, the black college experience, the future of African Americans in politics, and the integration of McKinney ISD.

“As McKinney has grown, we have seen an increase in cultural diversity and that diversity is something to be celebrated,” said Dr. Gere’ Feltus. “Black history month is a time for the entire community to come together to celebrate black literature, music, arts, dance, history, etc. I have been fortunate to work with a committee made up of community volunteers of various backgrounds to put together a month-long calendar of events. The idea is to give our residence a central location to find ways to engage in Black History Month events in McKinney and surrounding areas. All the events are free and open to the public with the exception of the Harlem Renaissance party. We are looking forward to a time of constructive discussions, reflection on the history of prominent black figures and historical sites in McKinney, recognition of artists of color and celebration of a time in black history that has had a tremendous impact on American culture.”

Lisa Hermes, President of the McKinney Chamber, is excited to be working with Dr. Gere’ Feltus a McKinney City council member on the McKinney Black History Month Planning Committee

This partnership is one of the many initiatives of the McKinney Chamber Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion task force.