An open letter from Community Lifeline Center Executive Director Christine Hockin-Boyd:

Dear Friend of CLC:

“I need to stop at the store for a hostess gift for the Smiths.”

“I need to add an iPad to my wish list.”

“I need to remember to order a pie or cake for our holiday dinner.”

Does this sound like any of your family’s needs?

Now imagine your list of needs this season reads – A roof over your head, heat or water, food for your family. These basic items are never more important than at holiday time, when families gather together to celebrate whatever they have. This year, we have given food or financial assistance to at least one family for every hour we are open for service – and those families are so grateful for the blessings that your support has provided them.

You may know that Community Lifeline Center serves residents in short term crises with assistance to allow them to stay in their homes, with the utilities on, and food on the table.

In addition to our three focus areas, we offer education programs; computer technology, household budgeting, credit counseling assistance, job-seeker support, and mental health counseling – all free of charge, designed to guide residents back to self-sufficiency.

In 2014 we will commemorate 25 years of serving the McKinney area, but our caseload has increased nearly 75% since 2008 – and unfortunately – we don’t see any decrease in the future needs.

Help us celebrate by considering a gift:

  • $2.50 a week – That $10 a month provides a meal a day, or supports one-on-one, family or group private counseling services.

  • $25.00 a month – That $300 helps keep a family in their home, or helps keep the heat turned on.

  • $250.00 one time gift – That gift would help sustain our Lifeline Market storage facilities, or our computer lab/education room for a month, to aid those in crisis with budgeting classes, computer training or job-seeker support services, to empower and facilitate effective recovery from crisis.

  • $2,500.00 one time gift – That allows us to provide professional case management, formal referral and guidance services, as well as follow–up, something churches or food pantries are unable to offer.

Click here to make a donation

As we pause to observe the season, we ask that you remember those in crises, and know that the days ahead may not be merry and bright for all. Because of your generosity, they can be filled with the basic blessings or warmth and nourishment, knowing that Community Lifeline Center means Help. Hope. Here.

Merry Christmas to you, from all of us at CLC,

Christine Hockin-Boyd
Executive Director


About the Community Lifeline Center

Community Lifeline Center (CLC) was born as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1989 when a group of churches determined it was best to work together in supporting and meeting the needs of people in need. We’ve evolved and grown over the years but our original purpose remains unchanged: to be the premiere place for providing assistance, information and referral services for the residents of McKinney and north Collin County. For more information, contact Community Lifeline Center, 1601 W. University Dr., Suite B, McKinney 75069. 972-542-0020 or