Remember when the average cost of a new house was $120,000, average income was $27,450 a year, and gas cost 97 cents a gallon? Remember when average rent was $420 a month, and the Dow Jones average was 2753?

It was 1989. Stamps cost a quarter, ham and cheese pizza, $2.59. And, the Community Lifeline Center was born. McKinney area churches believed the most effective way to help those facing unexpected and temporary crisis was to band together to form a centralized resource. They believed, and history has proven them right, that by referring those in need to one location, it is easier to verify and address the needs of those in crisis.

25 years ago this year. Yes, it’s Community Lifeline Center’s 25th anniversary.

You’ll be reading more about what that history has meant over the coming year. It’s fun to discover and report the artifacts from Community Lifeline Center’s history – the names of many well-known McKinney residents who have helped guide and grow the organization; the numerous support programs Community Lifeline Center has launched. And, even the many different addresses Community Lifeline has had.

It’s gratifying to report that over the past 25 years, Community Lifeline Center has grown as a resource for the North Collin County communities it serves. Today, about 400 families and individuals are helped each month in some way through CLC services.

It’s disappointing to report that the need for CLC assistance endures. Amidst so much good news around us, there are still so many families who are one paycheck away from a financial crisis. These are good people, hardworking people, people we know: our neighbors.

So, join us as we celebrate Community Lifeline Center’s 25th anniversary. And, if that milestone alone moves you to donate to the CLC mission, so much the better. Because, let’s remember what author Robert Penn Warren said about history:

“History cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and of our common humanity, so that we can better face the future."


About the Community Lifeline Center

Community Lifeline Center (CLC) was born as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1989 when a group of churches determined it was best to work together in supporting and meeting the needs of people in need. We’ve evolved and grown over the years but our original purpose remains unchanged: to be the premiere place for providing assistance, information and referral services for the residents of McKinney and north Collin County. For more information, contact Community Lifeline Center, 1601 N. Waddill St., Suite 102, McKinney 75069. 972-542-0020 or