Griefshare Support is Here to Help

L.I.F.T. R&R is excited to partner with Victory Church to bring you Griefshare! Grieshare is a grief support group that helps you journey through the process of grief. Many times, when we experience grief and either feel overwhelmed and lost after the loss of a loved one,  you can think that something is wrong with you and you're not somehow "normal". Although everyone will experience grief at points in their lives, grief is a very unique experience to each individual. The relationship you had with the person you're grieving for may have been a really close one, which would cause your grief to be different from someone else's who didn't have the same close relationship with a loved one they loss.  Even while it is unique, the experiences of the grief process is universal. Griefshare is to help those experiencing grief to heal with practical, biblical tools, find hope in the midst of what seems hopeless. The bonds of fellowship with other's experiencing grief also helps you realize you're not alone and others are on this journey as well. 

The lead facilitator of this group experienced such grief with the loss of her husband of 19 years when he tragically died in their house fire. She has gone through this journey of healing and recovery and knows what it feels like to hurt and experience a plethora of emotions through the process.  With welcoming hearts we invite you to Griefshare, 

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The registration fee is $20.00 which includes your personalized workbook which will be used each week. If there is a financial hardship, please contact Rolanda Macharia at 518-551-6715 as scholarships may be available. There are no additional costs for these groups. 

To register for the group please use the following link 
Victory Church of McKinney group - GriefShare

This series will run from 3/11- 6/3 from 6:30pm to 8pm each Thursday. 

Victory Church 

1008 Erwin Avenue 

McKinney Texas 75069