Allegiance Title Company held its third annual Back to School Bash on Aug. 14, collecting school supplies at their McKinney branch (located at 3301 Eldorado Parkway) as a benefit for the children of The Samaritan Inn.

The event was meant to pull together and ensure the children of tomorrow get the best education possible.

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“We team up with The Inn several times throughout the year to either raise money or collect donation items for the folks that live there,” said Brian Hazelwood, Vice President of Business Development for Allegiance. “This year we collected 15 back packs and a ton of other school supplies that will hopefully go a long way in helping the Children get off to a great start to the school year.

“It truly is something we love to do while we are working in our community.  It gives us a good balance. Giving back to a place like The Samaritan Inn is what it’s all about.”

The event was sponsored by Plano-based First Bank with Tyler Richardson's leadership and support.

School starts on Monday, Aug. 26 and The Samaritan Inn has children in every grade from kindergarten through seniors in high school.

“They are all prepared to go back to school with all of the required supplies, new shoes and a new outfit for the first day thanks to the many generous people in our community; Capital One, Allegiance Title, a neighborhood association, Moms of Multiples and Eagle Scout candidate Dustin Westurn from Allen,” The Samaritan Inn said in their weekly newsletter. “Our children repeatedly let us know that they do not want to be seen as different from their peers. Thanks to all of you, they will be just like everyone else this year!”

The collection consisted of not only school supplies like back packs, spiral notebooks and calculators, but food and clothing items for the students.


The Samaritan Inn is always accepting donations and needs the following back to school items:

School supplies:

•  Composition Books

•  Dividers

•  Pocket Folders with brads (all colors)

•  Spiral notebooks wide-rule

•  2” or 3” binder that zips

•  Lined paper, wide rule

•  Zipper pencil with grommets (can be in binder)

•  Plastic pencil boxes

•  Gender specific back packs (all sizes)

•  Wet ones

•  Washable Crayola Markers (8 count)

•  Kinder Mats

•  Calculators

•  Zip-lock bags (all sizes)

•  Disposable cameras

Food Items:

•  Healthy snacks, such as Animal Crackers

•  Cheese Its, pretzels, trail mix

•  Raisins, cereal, granola bars

•  Juice Boxes (100% juices)

Clothing Items:

•  Gift cards for discount stores designated for children’s clothing or shoe needs

Allegiance Title Company is an independent title insurance agency that provides residential, commercial and lender services for Texas and throughout the nation. Based in Dallas, they have branches located in several cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Allegiance Title McKinney is located at 3301 Eldorado Parkway, Suite 100, in McKinney. Call 972-562-9559 or visit them online at

The Samaritan Inn is “a comprehensive homeless program that helps willing people regain their dignity and independence.” The Samaritan Inn is located at 1710 North McDonald Street in McKinney. Call 972-542-5302 or visit them online at