To Be a Great Leader, You Must Learn to Follow

The long-term goal of A.E.Y.L. is to empower teens to break habits, cultures and boundaries; exposing teens to opportunities so that they are able to do the same for others…as FUTURE LEADERS!
The teens attend weekly leadership sessions with their peers and mentors to promote teamwork, reliance and brother/sisterhood.
When: Every Monday (unless otherwise notified) 
Where: Salvation Army McKinney 600 Wilson Parkway McKinney, Texas 75069
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm 
For Youth-Teens ages 12-18
Young Men & Young Ladies 
To accomplish many goals, teens work directly with mentors who serve as role models to help develop skills such as:
• SELF (Confidence, Image, Respect, Accountability)
• Decision Making Strategies
• Goal Setting / Future Planning
• Time Management
• Stellar Study Habits
• Strong Communication Skills
• Positive Peer Relationships
As business partners of local Independent School Districts, mentors attend middle and high schools to conduct ‘Lunch Leadership’ sessions during the week to help maintain focus in prioritizing; whether it is education, friends, activities or family. 
For more details about AEYL Core 4 Pillars - Email | 214-390-5665