Parents Help Connect Teachers with Donors

A Facebook group is helping McKinney teachers ensure their classrooms are ready for a unique school year.


MISD Adopt A Classroom Teacher 2020 (Spread Covid Kindness) lets teachers post their Amazon wish lists of what they need for the start of school, and group members can simply shop the lists and send the teachers supplies through Amazon.


“I always try to ask myself, how can I be part of the solution? How can WE be part of the solution? I’ve heard from so many teachers saying they are worried about the added cost of PPE, cleaning supplies and having to set up individualized stations for their students. It’s a very daunting and expensive endeavor.” creator Carey Farmer said.


In the first 24 hours after launching, the group has had 663 (and counting) members join the group, with 140+ teacher lists added. 


“It really amazes me and makes my heart happy to see that this group was created. It speaks volumes about our community and how there are people out there still willing/actively seeking to be part of the solution during these trying times.” said Emilio Ortega, MISD teacher.

The group is also looking to partner with local businesses that would like to support our schools. They hope to have daily giveaways to teachers, and to the adopters, to encourage participation and donations. Partnering businesses will be featured for the day. Companies are encouraged to adopt a classroom teacher at your office as a group.


“This is so sweet and heartwarming. There are so many things on this list that I never thought would be a request. It’s so nice to have positivity and support during this crazy time.” said Jessica Hayes, MISD teacher.


To adopt a teacher, visit the group's Facebook: MISD Adopt A Classroom Teacher 2020 (Spread Covid Kindness)