Keep 4th of July and summertime celebrations safe for kids

For many, the Fourth of July holiday is a highlight of summer – and fireworks are often part of the day's festivities. Because of how common they are, many parents may think at-home fireworks are harmless for their children, but that is unfortunately not true. More than 10,000 people are treated in emergency departments in the U.S. each year due to injury from fireworks. Of these, nearly a third are children under age 15.

If you choose to make fireworks part of your celebration, follow these fireworks safety tips from the Children's Health℠ Injury Prevention team to keep your family safe and injury-free.

Firework safety tips

What are the most common fireworks-related injuries?

Injuries from fireworks often occur to the hands and arms and are frequently caused by holding a lit firework when it goes off. As a result, these injuries are often burns. Burns can also occur when sparks from sparklers fly off and land on skin or clothing. Eye injuries can also happen if a firework hits someone in the face or head.

What should I do if my child is injured by a firework?

You can treat small cuts or scrapes at home. Be sure to disinfect the wound and cover it with a clean bandage. For anything more serious, including larger burns, sprains, broken bones or suspected concussions, be sure to bring your child to your doctor or hospital right away. In the case of an eye injury, make sure your child does not touch or rub the area, as this can make the injury worse.

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