City of McKinney encourages everyone to check on neighbors
Weather emergencies cause extreme challenges for at-risk and vulnerable populations. The city encourages everyone to touch base with neighbors and friends.

This also includes our downtown businesses. Some owners may not be able to make it downtown to their business or building. Help us keep an eye out for issues or situations that may require attention.

The City of McKinney continues to offer helpful information - please take a minute to read.


Residents asked to conserve water, drinking water remains safe  
The City of McKinney is asking customers to use water efficiently. The city’s water supplier, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD), and the City of McKinney are experiencing higher than normal demands for the winter season. A typical daily demand in winter is 21 million gallons per day (MGD) for the city. Yesterday, the demand was 39 MGD. NTMWD had local equipment challenges overnight due to the extreme weather and could not supply the city with the amount of water needed to refill the City of McKinney’s water supply for these higher demands.

As NTMWD works to replenish our supply, please continue to run a thin stream the width of a pencil lead of water to prevent bursting pipes. Conserve water for the most essential needs. Conservation efforts may include delaying using water for laundry or dishes, taking shorter showers, and not taking baths. 

The water is still safe to drink and boiling is not needed at this time.


Check on your neighbors
As the long stretch of dangerously cold weather continues, the city asks residents to check in on each other, especially their older neighbors. Send a text, make a call, put on a mask and knock on the door. We’ve heard incredible stories of restaurants donating unused milk to residents in need, residents giving healthcare workers rides to work and neighbors shoveling driveways.

City staff is working with area seniors to do welfare checks and senior living facilities to set up accommodations for those without power and water. But as a community, we can accomplish more together. Thank you for keeping our big city small.


Electric emergency update from Oncor

Wednesday, ERCOT directed Oncor and other utilities to begin restoring power previously dropped from the electric grid. As a result of the increased generation and stable demand, Oncor has since been able to cease controlled, or rotating, outages.

As of 5:30 Thursday morning, there are approximately 150,000 remaining Oncor customers without power. This is a result of damage from yesterday’s winter storm, previous winter weather and storm damage that could not be identified until equipment was re-energized, and damage to electric equipment caused by record-breaking low temperatures.

Our personnel will continue working 24/7 to restore power to these remaining customers. We recognize the hardships that this power emergency has caused for our customers and communities. We appreciate their patience as we awaited the return of electric generation and protected the Texas electric grid.

Due to the large amounts of system activity surrounding power restoration, we expect it will take some time for our tracking systems to accurately reflect these updates in our outage map. In addition, we will continue to follow the direction of ERCOT should electric generation change and immediately take steps to inform our customers of any updates.

For additional information from Oncor about the current weather impacts and FAQs, visit online.
Trash and recycling services 
Trash and recycling pick-up services are currently suspended. Waste Connections expects to resume pick-up service on Monday, Feb. 22 following the regular schedule. Please note that due to an expected higher than usual volume of trash, recycling pick-up may be delayed.

Electronic waste (E-waste) and household hazardous waste (HHW) pick-ups are expected to resume service on Monday, Feb. 22. Bulky item and yard waste pick-up services are suspended until March 1. The city will announce updated information on its website.



Warming centers and shelter open in McKinney
The McKinney Fire Department (MFD), working with community partners, has established warming centers and a shelter for community members who need a warm place to stay.
City of McKinney warming center locations:

The warming centers are not providing sleeping accommodations and hours of operation vary by location. Service animals are allowed in the city-sponsored warming centers, but pets are not.

  • Roy and Helen Hall Library at 101 E. Hunt St. is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Community sponsored warming shelters:

  • First United Methodist Church's youth building, The Hub, at 102 W Lamar St. is open 24 hours. Please call 972-214-9219 to check capacity before driving to this location. Pets in kennels are allowed. Cots, blankets, food and overnight accommodations available.



Freezing temperatures cause frozen pipes
The McKinney Public Works Department cautions the freezing temperatures could cause water pipes to burst, resulting in costly damage to homes. Open your cabinets and allow hot and cold water to run a thin stream the width of a pencil lead from your faucets.

In the event that you lose water service, prepare by collecting the water stream from your faucets in your bathtub, buckets, or cups. Check for leaks when the pipes begin to thaw. If a pipe breaks, turn your water off at the main valve. If you would like assistance with turning off your water, contact the City of McKinney Public Works Department at 972-547-7360.

Traffic lights may be without power
Due to the extreme weather conditions and rotating power outages, there are some intersections that have traffic signals without power. For everyone’s safety, the public should proceed with caution when approaching these intersections and treat them as an all-way stop. 

View the FAQs and city inclement weather news on our website. 
Helpful contacts 

  • Texas Health and Human Services (assistance locating warming center): 211 or (877) 541-7905
  • Collin County Emergency Management: (972) 548-4383
  • Public Utility Commission of Texas Hotline: 1-888-782-8477
  • Atmos Gas Emergency: (866) 322-8667
  • Texas Roadside Assistance: (800) 525-5555
  • Texas Road Conditions Information: (800) 452-9292
  • ERCOT Customer Service: (866) 870-812
  • Oncor Customer Service: (888) 313-4747; Text REG to 66267 to receive updates on outages. Text OUT to 66267 to report a new outage.
  • CoServ: (940) 321-7800; Text STATUS to 768482 to receive updates on outages. Text OUT to 768482 to report a new outage.
  • Grayson Collin Electic Company (GCEC) 903-482-7100; Text STATUS to 768482 to receive updates on outages, Text OUT to 768482 to report a new outage.