McKINNEY, Texas (May 1, 2021) – Saturday, McKinney residents cast their ballots in the general election to vote for four City Council representatives. District 1 and 3 representatives were chosen by the voters in their respective districts and all McKinney voters were able to cast votes for the representative for the Mayor and At Large positions. There are 11 total candidates for the four positions.

To be elected to City Council, a candidate must receive a majority of votes in the general election or more than 50 percent of the total vote. All results are unofficial and courtesy of the Collin County Election Administrator.

According to the unofficial results, George Fuller has won the Mayor seat, earning 15,238 votes, or 67.41 percent of the total. Fuller defeated Tom Meredith, who earned 6,905 votes or 30.55 percent of the total, and Jimmy R. Stewart, who earned 461 votes or 2.04 percent of the total.

At Large
According to the unofficial results, Charlie Philips won the At Large seat, earning 11,408 votes, or 60.05 percent of the total. Philips defeated Brian J. Magnuson, who earned 7,588 votes or 39.95 percent of the total.

District 3
According to the unofficial results, Dr. Geré Feltus won the District 3 seat, earning 2,888 votes, or 51.77 percent of the total. Feltus defeated Vicente Torres, who earned 2,691 votes or 48.23 percent of the total.

District 1 Run-off
According to the unofficial results, there will be a run-off election for the District 1 seat, and voters will elect either Justin Beller or Stan Penn to the City Council District 1 seat on June 5, with early voting May 24-May 27. Beller earned 1,083 votes or 40.79 percent of the total. Penn earned 858 votes or 32.32 percent of the total.

The run-off election only includes the candidates who received the top two vote totals. Two other candidates also ran but will not appear on the ballot in the run-off election.

  • Cris Treviño earned 510 votes or 19.21 percent of the total
  • Johnny Moore earned 204 votes or 7.68 percent of the total

More information for the run-off election for City Council will be posted to