More than a dozen newly and re-elected Collin County officials will take the Oath of Office Wednesday, Jan. 2. The swearing-in ceremony starts at 9:30 a.m. in the Central Jury Room of the Collin County Courthouse, located at 2100 Bloomdale Road in McKinney.

There are five newly elected officials, including three constables: Shane Williams, Sammy Knapp and Joe Wright. Chuck Ruckel is a new Justice of the Peace. Chris Hill is a new County Commissioner. All five newcomers ran unopposed in the November election.

Four district court judges were re-elected as all of them ran unopposed. They are Angela Tucker, Ben Smith, Mark Rusch and Chris Oldner.

Terry Box returns as the County Sheriff, Matt Sheehan returns as a County Commissioner and Andrea Stroh Thompson returns as District Clerk. Joe Barton returns as a constable, the only returning constable of a four-person staff.

All candidates who will be sworn in were unopposed in the election.

Here is the list:

Honorable Angela Tucker
   199th District Court
Honorable Cyndi Wheless
Honorable Ben Smith
   380th District Court
Honorable Keith Self
Honorable Mark Rusch
   401st District Court
Honorable John Roach Jr.
Honorable Chris Oldner
   416th District Court
Honorable Curt Henderson
Honorable Chuck Ruckel *
   Justice of the Peace Pct. 3-1
Honorable Johnny Lewis
Honorable Matt Sheehan
   County Commissioner Pct. 1
Honorable Keith Self
Honorable Chris Hill *
   County Commissioner Pct. 3
Honorable Jill Willis
Honorable Terry Box
   County Sheriff
Honorable Corinne Mason
Honorable Andrea Stroh Thompson
   District Clerk
Honorable Jill Willis
Honorable Shane Williams *
   Constable Pct. 1
Honorable Ben Smith
Honorable Joe Barton
   Constable Pct. 2
J’Net Chambers
Honorable Sammy Knapp *
   Constable Pct. 3
Honorable Ben Smith
Honorable Joe Wright *
   Constable Pct. 4
Honorable Ben Smith
* Denotes newly elected county officeholder