All nine propositions to the Texas Constitution passed in election results Tuesday. The results in Collin County and state-wide mirror each other as each amendment passed by at least 15 percentage points, most with 80 percent or more.

The most important of the propositions, especially for McKinney and Collin County residents, is Proposition 6, also known as the “Water Bill.”

The McKinney Chamber of Commerce supported the passage of “Prop 6."

Proposition 6 is one of nine amendments that was on the ballot. Click here for the list of constitutional amendments (.pdf)

Proposition 6 is a constitutional amendment that will help Texas create a water infrastructure fund to implement the State Water Plan and secure the future of water in the state. The amendment will establish a State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT) that will provide a conservative solution to meet growing water needs – without incurring debt in the process.

With the population expected to eventually double in Texas, the water infrastructure and resources currently in place will not be sufficient to maintain the water needs of businesses and residents.

In Collin County, the results for Proposition 6 were 80.9 percent for and 19.1 percent against. Statewide, the margin was 73.3 percent for and 26.6 percent against.

With passage of Proposition 6, Texans will now have access to clean and affordable water; guaranteeing that the state, and communities like McKinney, can continue to be one of the best places to live and do business in America.

Click here for the statewide results for the nine propositions.

Click here for Collin County results for the nine propositions.