Governor Perry announced a Proclamation Wednesday calling the 83rd Texas Legislature back for a second Special Session beginning July 1. The first Special Session was called as a result of significant legislative issues including Senate Bill 5, which imposes strict guidelines for abortion clinics and criminalizes abortions performed after the 20th week, transportation funding, and a criminal justice bill regarding 17 year olds. As a result of a nearly 13-hour filibuster by State Senator Wendy Davis from the Fort Worth district, the vote was delayed with only moments to sign off on results by the midnight deadline.

Due to the fact that votes were in favor, but time was not allowed to pass legislation, a great deal of support was garnered for a second session.

State Representative for McKinney, Scott Sanford, said, “Along with SB 5 being killed, our transportation funding bill and a criminal justice bill which relates to 17 year-olds was killed. It is my prayer that Governor Rick Perry calls me and my colleagues back for a Second Special Session. We have work to be done for our constituents, born and unborn.”

State Senator Ken Paxton of McKinney voiced his concern as well, "I am disappointed we were unable to vote on any of the key legislation that Governor Perry added to the call for the special session.”

Links to releases from the Governor and your local representatives are found below.

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