McKinney law enforcement agencies urge violators to pay now to avoid arrest

Beginning Feb. 9, the City of McKinney will be participating in a statewide warrant round-up. Agencies across the State of Texas will be stepping up efforts to serve active fine-only misdemeanor warrants.

Anyone who has unpaid citations with the City of McKinney is encouraged to avoid arrest by resolving their cases right away. Anyone with an active fine-only misdemeanor warrant who appears at the McKinney Municipal Court, 130 S. Chestnut St., to resolve their case will be afforded safe harbor and not be subject to arrest.

Anyone appearing in person during the warrant round-up may make payment arrangements on cases with warrants. Those seeking to make payment arrangements must put a minimum of $100 down. Specific payment terms will be determined through an application and interview process. Additionally, if it is determined a person cannot afford to make payments over time, the judge will consider whether community service to satisfy the balance, or a waiver of part or all of the balance, is appropriate.

"We understand circumstances can be tough and we want to work with individuals to resolve their warrants. If they come in voluntarily to the court, they can avoid the inconvenience of being arrested at their residence, place of business or during a routine traffic stop," said City Marshal Tim Rich.

To view a current list of outstanding warrants and to pay online, visit For more information on how to pay citations and avoid arrest, contact the McKinney Municipal Court at 972-547-7679, or appear in person Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or Thursdays 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.