Citizen survey says 92 percent of residents happy with life in McKinney

McKINNEY, Texas (May 22, 2019) – Citizens in McKinney confirmed they enjoy a higher quality of life than most communities across the nation according to the city’s most recent citizen satisfaction survey with 92 percent of respondents who rated the city as an excellent or good place to live. This rating is higher than most communities compared to benchmark data from the National Citizen Survey. Further, the rating is slightly higher than the 2017 citizen survey, where 91 percent of respondents rated the city as an excellent or good place to live.

The survey is measured against a national benchmark for the feelings of residents on several key issues facing the city. Overall, the results highlighted five significant findings, stating McKinney residents have a great quality of life, the economy is strong, safety is a community priority, McKinney is an attractive place to live and gets top marks for healthcare. 

“The survey results, in conjunction with the city’s performance measurement outcomes, will be used by City Council and city staff to analyze the effectiveness, responsiveness and value of city services. We are pleased that our quality of life rating continues to increase despite our rapid growth year after year,” said City Manager Paul Grimes. “Maintaining that balance is one of our key challenges.”

Residents identified the economy as one of their main priorities for the community in the coming two years. Subsequently, residents have seen an exceptionally strong performance in McKinney’s economic health as they rated the economy higher than the national benchmark.

The 2019 and 2017 citizen surveys were part of the National Citizen Survey, a collaborative effort between National Research Center Inc., the National League of Cities and the International City/County Management Association. The survey and its administration are standardized to ensure high-quality research methods and directly comparable results across the National Citizen Survey communities. 

The citizen survey results and a summary are posted on the city’s website.

Photo by Azure Photography