McKinney Air Center, the fixed based operator (FBO) that provides fuel and other services to aircraft at McKinney National Airport, has been named best in the nation in the 2017 Pilots’ Choice Awards by for the fourth year. The Pilots’ Choice awards are voted by pilots and aviation professionals directly using the FBOs and provide the most accurate measure of the services provided.

McKinney Air Center was also named Top Star FBO and Top Regional U.S. FBO in the South Central region. Star award winners are determined using airport arrival data, votes received and on-field competition.

For the second consecutive year, the Pete and Nancy Huff Air Traffic Control Tower at McKinney National Airport was named #3 in the Pilots’ Choice Awards. In addition, McKinney National Airport was also ranked 6th in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The air traffic controllers at McKinney National Airport, who are employed by Robinson Aviation, Inc., compete against all control towers in the United States, including those operated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

“Our entire staff takes great pride in consistently providing unparalleled services at McKinney Air Center and McKinney National Airport. We are honored to once again be acknowledged by our customers,” said Mark Jaraczewski, Director of McKinney Air Center. “These awards show us that pilots notice McKinney places an emphasis on the importance of both the FBO and the airport and the quality of services they receive. McKinney National Airport is rapidly growing as a superior choice for pilots in the DFW region.”

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