All hands are on deck this month at the Collin County District Attorney’s Office, as the Misdemeanor Trial Division says goodbye to its current location at the University Drive Courts Facility (UDCF) and settles in at the newer Collin County Courthouse, Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis announced Thursday.

The move requires a collective county effort that will continue throughout the month. Once the move is complete, all divisions of the District Attorney’s Office will be located at the main courthouse, 2100 Bloomdale Road at U.S. 75, north of U.S. 380.

The entire District Attorney’s Office, as well as the District and County Courts, were once housed at the old courthouse located at 210 S. McDonald St.

The building has since been demolished. In 2001, the Misdemeanor Division, County Courts at Law and County Clerk moved to UDCF, 1800 N. Graves St.

The DA Felony Division, State District Courts and District Clerk moved into the Bloomdale facility in 2008, shortly after its completion the year before.

No cases will be heard in the County Courts at Law during the last week in August while those courts and clerks move, unpack and settle in.

Having been separated from their counterparts for so long, First Assistant John Schomburger said the entire DA staff is looking forward to the reunion. And they aren’t the only ones looking forward to “business as usual” under one roof again.

District Attorney Willis observed that one courthouse means less confusion for everyone – prospective jurors, witnesses and litigants. Willis also said the county commissioners’ strategic planning benefits the whole county.

“A county courthouse is a uniquely American phenomenon,” Willis added. “It’s the one place our entire community comes together, each with different roles and with the loftiest of purposes. Having our judges, prosecutors, lawyers and clerks under one roof again will also restore a sense of identity to the Collin County legal community.”