Dear Friend:

Late last night after a filibuster and many severe disruptions from the on-lookers of the Senate gallery, Senate Bill 5-more commonly known as the fetal pain bill, failed to pass before the midnight deadline of our First Called Special Session of the 83rd Legislature.

The crowd in the gallery made the Senate floor so inaudible with screams and chants in the final minutes of our special session, that Senators were forced to vote huddled over the Lieutenant Governor's dais for their final vote. The mob was removed from the gallery by force, thanks to our Department of Public Safety officers, but their disregard for our state's rules of decorum and procedure killed SB 5.

It is important to note that there was a vote after the midnight deadline where the bill did have the support to become law, but the vote was not called in time. SB 5 had majority, bi-partisan support in both chambers and was supported by countless Texans.

Along with SB 5 being killed, our transportation funding bill and a criminal justice bill which relates to 17 year-olds was killed.

It is my prayer that Governor Rick Perry calls me and my colleagues back for a Second Special Session. We have work to be done for our constituents, born and unborn.

For God and Texas,

Scott Sanford, HD 70