The City of McKinney is proud to announce they have been awarded one of the 2017 Public Works Projects of the Year by the Texas Chapter of the American Public Works Association for the recent completion of the rehabilitation of the Highland Lakes dam.

The structure, originally constructed in 1958, exceeded the 50 year design life span and required upgrades due to age, sedimentation, and population increases downstream, creating an increased hazard class for the structure. The city partnered with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board to rehabilitate the dam. Rehabilitation of the dam used a modern design that requires less maintenance, reduces costs, and minimizes storm water runoff while also improving the visual aesthetics of the structure. The primary purpose of these types of facilities is to minimize the risk of flooding downstream and to help reduce sedimentation downstream.

“Public safety is a priority for us,” says Michael Hebert, Assistant Director of Engineering for the City of McKinney. “To the greatest extent possible, we want to minimize the impacts of floodwaters and environmental issues through the rehabilitation of our flood control structures.”

The property owner of the land where Highland Lakes dam is located developed a wetlands area at the upstream end of the lake to enhance water quality and increase recreation and aesthetics. The owner plans to develop a park and recreation area around the lake for the public to enjoy. The city will remain responsible for the maintenance and function of the dam