All McKinney ISD phone numbers will change on June 4.

The process will begin on June 4 and be completed by the start of the day June 5. 

As the district has grown over the years, it has exhausted numbers in the 469-742-XXXX range. 

With the exception of McKinney Boyd High School, the area code and the last four digits of the phone numbers throughout the district will not change, only the 742. 

The new numbers will now begin with 469-302-XXXX (existing last 4 digits).  

McKinney Boyd High School's first six digits will now be consistent with other campuses, but will require a complete change to 469-302-3400 through 469-302-3899 (last three digits will stay the same for all MBHS extensions). 

This change will enable McKinney ISD to have consistent phone numbers, and will afford the opportunity to add new extensions for years to come. 

"We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause, and appreciate your support during this transition," McKinney ISD said in a news release. "Phone numbers published on the district's website and printed materials will begin reflecting the new numbers in June. Please help us communicate this information to parents and members of the public."


About the author: Shane Mauldin is a communication specialist with McKinney ISD.