On Jan. 17th, 2017, The Texas Fire Chiefs Association presented its annual Lone Star Achievement Award to the McKinney Fire Department (MFD) at the Texas Fire Chief’s Executive Conference in Galveston, TX.

The Lone Star Achievement Award honors departments for implementing an innovative and progressive program that enhances community fire and life safety service delivery.

In June 2013, MFD launched one of the nation’s first fire-based community healthcare programs (CHP) to deliver more targeted healthcare to McKinney residents. The goal of the program was to reduce the need for specific patient populations to access emergency services. As a result, patients receive more personal care and chronic conditions are largely managed without transport to an emergency department. Ambulances and other equipment remain available to respond to more life-threatening incidents.

“The compassion and commitment to patient care shown by the firefighter/paramedics involved speak highly to their character. We are certainly proud of the service provided by this program and the McKinney Fire Department.” said Fire Chief Danny Kistner.

The Collin County Fire Chiefs Association (CCFCA) was also honored with the Texas Fire Chief’s Association Safety Award. This award is presented each year to a fire chief or organization that exceeds expectations and national standards to promote firefighter safety. CCFCA was recognized for their efforts to enhance safety practices through cooperative training and agreements.