Earlier this week Councilman Travis Ussery extended his best wishes to the citizens of McKinney for a happy Thanksgiving holiday and announced that he would seek another term of office.  Councilman Ussery currently serves as Mayor Pro-Tem of the McKinney City Council and has served as the District 3 representative since 2009.  His released statement follows:



P.O. BOX 64


TELEPHONE (972) 542-O342

METRO ( 9 7 2 ) 5 6 2 - 0 3 1 1

email: travisussery@att.net

November 19, 2012

Residents of District 3 and citizens of McKinney,

Public service at this level has been, and remains one of, the highest privileges a citizen can hold. To have others grant someone the authority is an honor, as well as humbling.  The granting of this authority comes with certain duties, one of which is not to lose touch with those whom you serve.

When I was first elected in January 2009, I emphasized holding tax rates steady, improving and maintaining infrastructure, and enhancing and expanding our commercial tax base via quality and not quantity. Given I serve with six others duly elected, I don't pretend to claim credit alone for no increase in city property tax rates, improved infrastructure although more should be considered and the Traxxas, Emerson and Wistron announcements adding significant value to our tax base as well as employment opportunities.

It remains my goal to deliver the best quality services possible, at the least possible tax rate to the consuming public, continue to enhance and upgrade infrastructure where needed, and enhance our commercial tax base and employment opportunities through quality commercial development.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, I continue to believe listening to and having a constructive dialogue with those I serve is imperative for McKinney to remain, and improve where needed, a quality place to live, work and recreate.

As I said in January 2009, while it seems politics of recent memory is more about degradation of others rather than how best to serve the public as a whole, it is not something I believe in nor is it part of the politics of elevation I believe citizens deserve.

For these reasons, as well as a devotion to city I have always called home, I seek one more term as city council representative for District 3.

I extend a good holiday wish to one and all as well a prosperous New Year.

Travis Ussery