The City Council voted on Aug. 21 to unanimously adopt an ordinance that amends the standards and regulations for signs within the City of McKinney.

The Council first discussed amendments to the sign ordinance this spring. Prior to the adoption of the revised ordinance, there were several work session discussions as well as public outreach efforts to gather public opinion and work with residents on any concerns.

Changes to the sign ordinance took into account the following:

  • The amendments addressed issues that were either a source of applicant complaints or had been identified by staff as confusing and/or difficult to enforce.
  • The City wanted to retain a balance among the safety, communications efficiency, environmental quality and preservation when discussing amendments to the City’s signage standards.
  • City staff compared amended standards with neighboring communities to ensure that McKinney does not place undue burden on the business community.

According to city staffers, the public hearing prior to the Council vote on Aug. 21 included two speakers, both of whom supported the ordinance as a whole. The two speakers each provided information on opposing views on the residential open house signs being permitted at the entrance to the subdivision. 

The ordinance, as adopted, includes a provision allowing one sign at the entrance of the subdivision, with the property owner’s approval, during an open house event. The council recognized an HOA’s authority to restrict these sign within their development and didn’t feel that it was necessary for the City to restrict such signs.

In addition, the revised ordinance updates the permit fee schedule; amends the time limit for completion of work; revises and adopts new sign definitions; amends the permit time period for searchlights; establishes additional prohibited signs and billboards; establishes exceptions for billboards currently in existence; revises on-site detached ground or pole sign regulations; establishes regulations regarding grand openings, changeable electronic variable message signs, directional kiosk and temporary directional signs; revises the regulations regarding projecting signs; and revises additional sign exemptions, among others.

To review City staff's PowerPoint presentation about the city's revised sign ordinance, please click here and then click on "presentation."