On Aug. 27, the McKinney City Council announced the following residents had been appointed to the city's boards and commissions.

Fifteen of the appointees are graduates of Leadership McKinney, a prestigious educational experience designed to equip participants with leadership skills for the future. The program, run by the McKinney Chamber of Commerce, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Another appointee is an alumnus of the Northern Collin County Leadership Class.

McKinney Economic Development Corporation

Ernest Lynch (reappointed), Lance Lindsay and Julie Fort

McKinney Community Development Corporation

Dan Hill, Michael Puhl, Scott Elliott, Colleen Smith

Main Street

Jan Elwell and Molly Brewer (both reappointed)

Planning and Zoning

George Bush, Larry Thompson (reappointed), Dave Kochalka, Jim Gilmore

McKinney Convention and Visitors Bureau

Erica Tate Carver (reappointed), Mike McEntire, Doc Vranici (reappointed), Steve Conlin

Collin County Airport Development Corporation

Fritz Mowery (reappointed), John Wroten (reappointed), Steve McCarter, and Harry McKillop (emeritus director)

Park Board

Jay Ray, Bryan Perkins, Jackie Brewer, Matt McGuire

Board of Adjustments

Cam McCall (reappointed), Shannon Mott (reappointed), Brian Cobbel, Kimberly Davidson (alternate), Charles Shepard (filling one-year unexpired term as an alternate)

Buildings and Standards

Arthur Snyder, David Field, Douglas Stafford (all reappointed)

Arts Commission

Hamilton Doak (reappointed), Sherry David (reappointed), Janet Farr (reappointed), Pamela Hardin (filling unexpired term)

Community Grants

Celso Martinez, Tiffany Russell, Debra Carr

Armed Services Memorial Board

James Morrell, Ralph French, Andy Mott, Glenn Coleman

Historic Preservation

Edna Brown (reappointed), Randy Hubbard (reappointed), Melanie Morgan, Kevin McGraw

Library Advisory Board

Judy Gay (reappointed), Marilyn Moore, Jonathan Perreira, Himashu Sharma

Housing Authority

Alonzo Tutson (reappointed), Justin Beller

McKinney Housing Finance Corporation

Brian Dale, J.R. Villanueva, Bill Kent, John Hettish, Sharon Kenard