The Collin County government's Facebook page has a post stating at least 30 weddings requested for Dec. 12, 2012, AKA 12-12-12.

Here is the item posted on the page from Tuesday:

The court clears its docket for 12-12-12. It won’t happen again for another 88 years. And love is in the air. Paul Raleeh, Justice of the Peace in Collin County’s Precinct 1 has been bombarded with requests from couples who want that day as their special day. The court normally sees about 4 or 5 weddings a week; as of now, they now have 30 scheduled for tomorrow.

At least 7,500 weddings are expected to be performed across the United States, according to national reports.

If you want to get married today, check out the Collin County Courthouse website for more information.