The McKinney Chamber announced they had completed the first phase of the effort to allow package liquor store sales in the City of McKinney.  The group submitted more than 23,000 signatures of McKinney voters to support changing the law to allow the expansion of current sales to include fine wine and package stores.  The election would be held in November. 


The petition calls for a vote for the legal sale of all alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption only in the City of McKinney.  The election will be similar to what voters approved in Plano (2013), Allen (2016), and Sachse (2017).  


In 2004, McKinney voters approved beer and wine sales in grocery and convenience stores and also approved mixed beverage sales in restaurants.


“We are so excited by the overwhelming support from the citizens who signed the petition calling for the election,” noted Lisa Hermes, President and CEO of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce.  “Dealing with the rise in COVID cases, the Holiday Season and cold weather, gathering this many signatures was a challenge, but the voters spoke loud and clear.”


The petition also calls for an election to allow fine wine and spirit sales in package store like a Spec’s or Total Wine.    Based on a 2008 study by Texas Economist Ray Perryman, McKinney can see a significant increase in sales, jobs and local tax revenue.


Brian Loughmiller, former Mayor of McKinney stated, “Based on our population, studies show we could be gaining nearly $60 million dollars a year in additional sales, more than 600 new jobs and generate over $1.3 million in local sales tax revenue.  Changing this law could be a great benefit to our community.”


The US Census Bureau places McKinney’s population at 208,000.  Based on the calculations of a 150,000-population city, removing the City’s dry status for spirits (package liquor sales) could realize as much as an additional $59.9 million in annual spending, 611 more jobs and another $ 1.34mm in local sales tax revenues.


State law requires the group to gather approximately 21,847 signatures of McKinney voters.  Only those who live in the City Limits of McKinney were eligible to sign the petition.  If enough signatures are verified by the City Secretary, the McKinney City Council will be required to order the election for November 2022.   


The group has hired Texas Petition Strategies of Austin to conduct the petition drive and election campaign.  TPS has conducted more than 450 local option ballot propositions in more than 250 Texas communities.