Buildings, roadways, sidewalks, power lines, street lighting, parks, and other infrastructure, along with clean, safe drinking water and waste collection is no small job, especially for a city like McKinney that has seen such explosive growth.

The City of McKinney’s Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining and improving most of these elements.

This summer, McKinney continued to invest in infrastructure to support the city’s growth by opening a new 65,500-square-foot facility known as the McKinney Municipal Center North Campus. The new facility is located at 3501 N. Central Expressway.

“When the existing Public Works facility was constructed in 1993, the population of McKinney was 25,000. Now we’re well over 200,000, and our department outgrew our space. Every square inch of the facility was used, and additional office space was rented to meet our needs,” said Ryan Gillingham, Director of Public Works.

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