A local election will be held on Saturday, May 11. In order to be eligible to vote in this election voter registration must have been completed by April 11. Early voting will take place from April 29 through May 7. The following link includes information about registering to vote along with voting location and hours and access to the City of McKinney’s Voter Guide: mckinneytexas.org/Index.aspx?NID=139.

For the general and special elections in May 2011, there were 439,740 registered voters but only 35,949 cards were cast (8.18% of all registered voters). These totals are a combination of early and election-day ballots cast in all of Collin County.

McKinney voters will choose City Council representatives for Mayor, District 1, District 3 and one At Large to hold office for a period of four (4) years. There are no contested races for McKinney Independent School District Board of Trustees and there are two contested races for the Collin College Board of Trustees.

Candidates for McKinney City Council include:


Brian Loughmiller

Derrick E. Johnson (Mr. Johnson has indicated that he has suspended his campaign however not in time to be removed from the ballot. Therefore, Mr. Johnson’s name will still appear on the ballot.)

District 1

Don J. Day

District 3

Travis L. Ussery, Jr.

At Large

Randall (Randy) P. Pogue

J. Martin Sanchez

Jeremiah J. Hammer

The Collin College Board of Trustees has a contested race for Place 4. Sam Roach is not seeking reelection, but Buddy Minett of Frisco, Jim Orr of Lucas and Adrian Rodriguez of Plano are all running for the position. Two candidates have filed to run for Place 9: Andy Hardin of Frisco and Richard Anderson of Plano. Hardin has held that position since being appointed in July 2012. Running unopposed are incumbents Stacy Arias (Place 5) and Mac Hendricks (Place 6).

None of the four places up for election with MISD are contested as incumbents Maria McKinzie (Place 1), Bobby Amick (Place 2), Kathi Livezey (Place 3) and Curtis Rippee (Place 7) are running unopposed. The three remaining seats on the MISD Board of Trustees come up for election in 2015.

The McKinney Chamber of Commerce reminds you that local elected officials make important decisions that significantly impact our lives, families and community.  Voter turnout in local elections is historically low – take the time to educate yourself on the candidates and their views and remember to make your voice heard and vote!

While local elections may not have the slick ads or outsized spending that have become the hallmarks of many state and national races, they are arguably among the most important when it comes to the effects these offices have on our day-to-day lives. Officials elected at the city level determine our spending priorities when it comes to budget, infrastructure, public safety and community development.

After you vote you can join McKinney Main Street on May 11 for “Election Night on the Square”  from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Kentucky Proper in Historic Downtown McKinney for a good old fashioned street party and to hear the election results.

For more information and to stay up to date visit the City of McKinney at mckinneytexas.org, the McKinney Chamber at mckinneychamber.com or McKinney Magazine at mckinneyonline.com.