Retail entertainment map shows new restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping centers and stores coming soon

The City of McKinney recently launched a new interactive portal called Explore McKinney that allows businesses and residents to find detailed information about the community through geographic information system (GIS) maps and data.

As part of the Explore McKinney portal introduction, the city has also released two new interactive maps. The first shows the locations of retail development including new noteworthy restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping centers and stores coming soon to McKinney. Each featured business has either a signed agreement with the city or has submitted building permits for their projects.

The second interactive map being released allows users to view updates on improvements to streets, drainage, facilities, public safety, grant projects and more that are a part of the city’s five-year capital improvement program (CIP).

The Explore McKinney portal highlights the way the city is inventively using its GIS offerings to make doing business easier in McKinney, as well as providing useful and transparent information to citizens.

“The city has access to extensive data and the challenge has always been how to best share this data with the citizens and our development partners. If we cannot share the data and information in a user-friendly way, then it loses its impact, but Explore McKinney solves that problem,” said Michael Quint, Executive Director of Development Services.

Information is easily accessible through the portal where residents can look at things like garbage collection zones, permitted hunting areas, police beats, bicycle boulevards, hike and bike trails, and street light locations.

Developers can use the new tool to search for data and maps on zoning districts, subdivision information, traffic volume along main transportation thoroughfares to parcels, as well as the city’s “Where Can I Build That?” tool, to get a snapshot of where specific land uses are allowed in McKinney based on a property’s current zoning district designation.

“The site is an extraordinary resource to both developers and homeowners. The ability to search for data and maps will save developers time and money as they seek to invest in our community and provide residents more insight into the daily happenings of our city,” said Sid Hudson, Chief Information Officer.

Explore McKinney allows users to download data into easy-to-use formats, print PDF maps or incorporate data into apps built with developer APIs. For more information, visit