“Water Cooler Chat” forum invites citizens to inquire about rumors circulating in the city

To further increase transparency within the city, the City of McKinney has launched a new online platform called the Virtual Town Hall to engage residents on topics such as budget, council priorities, maintenance projects, development and even address rumors circulating in the community. The “Water Cooler Chat” forum is live for residents to share any McKinney related questions or rumors they have heard and would like city administration to address.

“The Virtual Town Hall offers a variety of opportunities for us to gather vital feedback from citizens in a creative way. We will use public input gained through this platform, along with input gathered through other traditional means, to help guide our decision-making process,” said City Manager Paul Grimes. “We hope this tool will broaden civic engagement and build public trust in the local government.”

The tool is created by Peak Democracy, a nonpartisan company that moderates the forum to ensure the discussion stays civil, on topic and within legal bounds.

The platform allows for various engagement options like surveys, polls, priority lists, idea submission and area plans that may be incorporated in the future. This includes engagement exercises like the area plan portal that allows citizens to place pushpins on a map to give feedback on where they would prefer bike facilities or a new park. The budget portal invites citizens to allocate funds between categories, and the priority list portal asks citizens to arrange items in order of importance and allows for open-ended comments.

Access the Virtual Town Hall at www.McKinneyTexas.org/VirtualTownHall and join the conversation.