Texas expects another 18 million vehicles on the roadways by 2040, and Proposition 1 is a critical first step to increased transportation funding.

Early voting has begun and Texas voters are going to the polls to determine Texas’ next governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and more. After making those important decisions, all Texans need to scroll to the bottom of the ballot to vote on a proposed constitutional amendment that affects everyone – Proposition 1 for transportation funding.

Texas has the largest transportation system in the United States but we fall $5 billion short for transportation needs on an annual basis. With the population in North Texas expected to double in 25 years, it is critical that our infrastructure keeps pace with our transportation needs to maintain our strong business climate. Our state gas tax has not increased in more than 20 years but the cost of building roads has doubled. The passage of Prop 1 would be a first step to increased funding to meet transportation needs, adding an estimated $1.7 billion to the State Highway Fund in the first year alone.

The McKinney Chamber Board of Directors recently passed a resolution in support of Prop 1. Board Chair Ray Eckenrode stated: “Support of Prop 1 is a much needed start to focus our state’s taxes towards transportation which is critical for the continued success of Texas and its businesses. The McKinney Chamber is proud to support Prop 1 and looks forward to additional solutions from our legislature to address the transportation shortfalls we are all currently facing.”

Prop 1 will not raise taxes, fees or debt on citizens or businesses. It is that critical first step to increasing funding to assist with transportation infrastructure. Vote in favor of Prop 1 for more reliable transportation funding. For more information on Prop 1 visit


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