McKINNEY, TX -- The word “affordable” has a positive – or at least a neutral – connotation when it comes to most things like food, cars, airline tickets, smartphones, computers, the list goes on. When those things are “affordable,” everyone is happy.

But that same word has more of a negative connotation when it comes to housing.  The phrase “affordable housing” gets a bad rap far too often. Affordable housing, however, can bring about many positives within a community. Among those positives, for example, is attracting young talent to a growing community. Another positive is making it possible for those who have entry-level or low paying jobs to put a roof over their head and their family’s heads.

That’s exactly what Merritt McGowan Manor is doing. The complex at 1200 N. Tennessee Street recently had its grand opening after several public entities and private corporations teamed up to work on the project including the McKinney Housing Authority (MHA), Carleton Companies, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Enterprise Communities.


“The outcome at Merritt is a perfect example of a successful public-private partnership combining the innovative leadership at MHA together with support and subsidy from the City of McKinney and Federal/State Agencies for the production and preservation of first class, affordable housing for the McKinney community,” said Printice Gary, the CEO of Carleton Companies, the company that’s managing the property.

The residents of the 136 apartments on the property have access to several amenities, including a state-of-the-art technology center that has the capacity for after school and STEM programming, workforce development, and personal development education.

“Each day I look around and appreciate my ability to live, as if I am on vacation,” said Sherry Lyn, Merritt’s Resident Ambassador.

MHA says they are proud that they were able to make this complex a reality in Northeast McKinney, but also say much work is yet to be done. They tell us they plan on bringing more affordable housing solutions to McKinney in the coming years.