Michael Jones


District 4

Office/Seat you are running for:

City Council - District at Large




(469) 307-6695

Campaign website:



    1. MBA – University of Dallas
    2. BBA Finance – University of North Texas
    3. Six Sigma Lean Certified

Professional background/employment

    1. Vice President of Commercial Lending
    2. Previous Roles
      1. Relationship Manager
      2. Portfolio Manager
      3. Corporate Auditor

Why are you seeking this office?

McKinney is a city that growing rapidly.  I’m running because I want “Responsible Growth” for this city.  I want to make sure the growth is focused on our commercial industry.  To achieve that growth, I think we need to get ahead of our infrastructure issues, adequately staff our public employees, and promote a business friendly environment.

What qualifies you to understand the unique needs facing McKinney businesses?

I’ve been a member of this community since 2004, and my employment history is based on business.  I work with and provide financing for businesses in the McKinney community, and I know first-hand the concerns they have about this city.

The McKinney Chamber has identified priorities for our community’s economic health, including transportation, water and economic development. Please share your thoughts on the following questions:

  1. What are the most important issues the businesses in your district face?

In my district there are a lot of jobs that need to be filled.  As an “At Large” candidate, I think we should focus on how to effectively get jobs filled and how can we streamline the permitting and inspection process for business owners.  To be more business friendly, I think we need to focus automating our processes.

  1. What is the city’s role in growing the economy and how can we best attract businesses to McKinney while supporting existing businesses?

The cities roles are to make sure we have sound infrastructure and good locations for new businesses to come into the city.  Making sure there is ample commercial space available for companies to locate here is essential to business growth.  The best way the city can support the existing businesses is by continuing to maintain our parks and infrastructure so the people continue to want to live here.  People want to live where they feel safe, have access to retail, and have great parks and housing.  These factors contribute to business growth by citizen retainage and attracting new people to the community.

  1. What role do you believe McKinney National Airport has in McKinney’s economic development?

The McKinney airport plays an important part in our economic development.  It’s a great tool in the tool box to have in attracting new companies to locate here.  When larger companies look at McKinney as their home, having an airport is a major attraction especially since the other large cities in Collin County do not have one.

  1. How can McKinney continue to increase the commercial tax base?

Improve infrastructure so when businesses look at McKinney, we can show them we can handle the influx of new residents.  Have a business friendly attitude.  Making sure we have adequate staff at the EDC that have a tract record in attracting businesses.

  1. In a growing community, do you anticipate supporting transportation initiatives including public transportation?

Yes, I would support looking into viable options of public transportation for our citizens.  As the community continues to grow, we need to get ahead of the public transportation issue so our citizens that want to work but do not have a car, have a way to get to work.

  1. What do you believe is McKinney’s greatest challenge/opportunity in the next three years?

Balancing the hometown feel with population growth.  Growing responsibly will be a challenge, but I think a person with my background is suited to handle.  I envision McKinney growing with commercial and entertainment corridors, while maintaining its residential charm that is unique by nature.