Jeremiah Hammer



Office/Seat you are running for:

City Council District 3



(214) 738-5560

Campaign website:


Stephen F. Austin State University – International Business/MIS

Professional background/employment

I have an extensive background in technology and organizational dynamics. As the President/CEO of Sustainable Ventures, I am able to leverage decades of experience in order to solve complex problems for growing companies, startups, non-profits and individuals; and then provide them with the tools and instructions necessary to reach their full potential. Over the course of my career I have saved companies over $1Bn in efficiency improvement and waste reduction.

Why are you seeking this office?

The citizens of McKinney deserve a representative who they can trust to make the right decisions for our city.  I have the vision and passion to navigate us into the future.  The people of McKinney deserve a City Councilperson who has a track record of involvement in all aspects of our city’s growth.  Someone who will listen and represent the people’s needs and desires as McKinney continues to evolve. 

What qualifies you to understand the unique needs facing McKinney businesses?

I currently live in a unique area of our city. I operate a consulting business here in McKinney and found a way to give back in my own way. I know what the McKinney dream looks like. I’ve heard the conversation from business owners. I’ve seen their hopes and successes, and know what their frustration sounds like. Sometimes when a city like McKinney is growing so fast, we are too focused on future development, and forget to serve those who already have a business here.  Minimizing regulations, streamlining permitting processes, and working together is the best path for our success.

The McKinney Chamber has identified priorities for our community’s economic health, including transportation, water and economic development. Please share your thoughts on the following questions:

  1. What are the most important issues the businesses in your district face?

Having a healthy balance of commercial, residential and retail tax base. This is difficult because commercial and retail property tends to depreciate over time. Efforts to reduce residential tax growth are currently opposed by the chamber and the city council. Currently, homeowners bear the brunt of appraisal growth as a ratio.

  1. What is the city’s role in growing the economy and how can we best attract businesses to McKinney while supporting existing businesses?

McKinney is growing and there are many directions it can take. For myself I believe that we must preserve our unique nature, and keep McKinney the home for all who are here now while encouraging growth. I love to see development but we should incentivize this in a way it serves our city and citizens. To do this we need a balanced approach that includes limited government, quality city services, low taxes and debt. A community centered focus which empowers those who have made McKinney their home sweet home.

  1. What role do you believe McKinney National Airport has in McKinney’s economic development?

McKinney National Airport serves the business community and provides the needed services which helps to make McKinney an attractor for future growth. As we grow the airport, we need to be sure that it serves the demand of our corporate partners, while still being a good neighbor to surrounding communities.

  1. How can McKinney continue to increase the commercial tax base?

Companies move to an area so they can get the type of workers they need, and they pick cities that cater to these workers. One of the functions of the city is to serve the needs of the families that live here because they are the employees companies are searching for. 

  1. In a growing community, do you anticipate supporting transportation initiatives including public transportation?

Realistically, we can’t get DART to come into McKinney, and we wouldn’t want to give up the EDC and CDC tax that we have which funds our business growth.  If we are going to meet the needs of McKinney, then we have to explore options through the McKinney Urban Transit District board.

  1. What do you believe is McKinney’s greatest challenge/opportunity in the next three years?

We have a relatively new council, and a new City Manager. Ensuring that coming together as a team, moving forward on our commitments that we have already made, and seizing new opportunities for growth, will be one of our biggest challenges for council. For the community, density, taxes, and traffic will continue to be a growing point of contention.