George Fuller


At Large

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I spent my high school years in military academy’s, graduating from Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, Missouri. I went to college at Norwich University, the country’s oldest private military college. I studied Business Management and Business Law.

Professional background/employment

I have been actively investing in McKinney for the past 25 years, as a developer, commercial and home builder, small business owner, & co-founder of the Love Life Foundation, a non-profit established in the early 90’s that benefits “at-risk” women & children in our community.  I have led the revitalization and building of Adriatica, delivering nearly 100 million dollars in ad valorem tax base, and served 5 years on the McKinney Community Development Corporation, coordinating community & economic programs.  As Chairman, I led the effort to bring the PSA McKinney Youth Sports & Apex Aquatic and Fitness facilities to our community.  I am currently President of the Stonebridge Commercial Association and an active board member on the McKinney Chamber of Commerce and on the Board of Directors for Meals on Wheels.  

Why are you seeking this office?

I can make a positive difference in the future of our community.  I have the skillset and leadership to move us forward efficiently and productively as a city.  I have three generations of my family residing in McKinney and I am highly motivated to make sure that our city is left in the best possible way for them.  I am unhappy with the status quo and feel strongly that it is a result of a lack in leadership.  I do not want to sit on the sidelines and wake up one day with our cityscape permanently cast in the same imbalance it is today.

What qualifies you to understand the unique needs facing McKinney businesses?

As a builder and developer, I have a unique, hands on perspective that my opponents do not have.  Working within our city, with all business services departments over the past 25 years, I intimately understand the problems and issues we have, and at the same time, I know the talented staff that we have.  I have spent my career building homes, businesses and communities, and as such, am best prepared to guide our city forward.

The McKinney Chamber has identified priorities for our community’s economic health, including transportation, water and economic development. Please share your thoughts on the following questions:

  1. What are the most important issues the businesses in your district face?

We have a culture at City Hall that is in dire need of repair.  We make it difficult for businesses to work and relocate in our community.  We do not empower our staff to do the jobs we have hired them to do.  The frustration staff experiences as a result has contributed in great part to the heavy turnover we have seen.

  1. What is the city’s role in growing the economy and how can we best attract businesses to McKinney while supporting existing businesses?

Our role is to make sure that we provide the proper infrastructure that keeps us competitive in the market.  The city also provides the staff and Boards to interface with businesses, from assisting in site selection and market data to providing incentives based on economic metrics that prove to benefit our community.

  1. What role do you believe McKinney National Airport has in McKinney’s economic development?

Here is one thing I know. We have good access with highways, and so do our neighbors. We have lots of land left, and so do most of our neighbors. We have talented people of sound economic means, and so do our neighbors.  And we have an incredibly good airport, an undisputable economic driver. Our neighbors don’t have an airport.  This asset must be leveraged in negotiations with businesses contemplating McKinney.  Furthermore, the ad valorem value brought with the residence of corporate aviation assets is an economic driver in itself.

  1. How can McKinney continue to increase the commercial tax base?

Increase the experience businesses have when dealing with us.  We need to be competitive, not just in incentive offerings, but in negotiation tactics and response times. We need to plan our future growth and stick to that plan, not selling out to low hanging fruit like multi-family development, etc.

  1. In a growing community, do you anticipate supporting transportation initiatives including public transportation?

Public transportation is a complex issue.  And a very expensive issue. We need concise understanding of the facts, a willingness to explore ALL options, identify that which makes sense for our community and then ACT to satisfy the identified need. Paralysis through analysis is not an option. A disdain for big regional providers is a cop-out.  A professional, independent plan is the urgent step we need now.  We also must remember that the decisions we make today concerning public transportation will shape our city and its mobility tomorrow.  It is not enough to evaluate and execute based on the here and now, but rather to look 20 years into the future, understand those needs and act proactively.

  1. What do you believe is McKinney’s greatest challenge/opportunity in the next three years?

Planning for our future growth is both our biggest challenge and our biggest opportunity.  The infrastructure needs we have to grow successfully is daunting, but doable, with the right leadership.  We need to become proactive and strategic in our solicitation of those businesses, retail, restaurants and employment centers that best complement our community.