Randall (Randy) Pogue



Office/Seat you are running for:

City Council



(469) 226-7061

Campaign website:


B.A. & B.S. – Texas Tech University, M.A. Healthcare informatics – University of Maryland, Project Management Professional (P.M.P.) – Project Management Institute

Professional background/employment

Healthcare Project Manager for multiple organizations including Baylor Scott and White and ZeOmega Population Health. I currently manage a project portfolio worth $40m.

Why are you seeking this office?

I noted many inefficiencies while attending council meetings where my professional expertise which are supported by my education would greatly benefit the city and council. Furthermore, I am raising a family in McKinney and have a vested interest in providing the best for our children, the safety of our community and the economic environment of our city.

What qualifies you to understand the unique needs facing McKinney businesses?

I am a business minded individual who actively listens to the concerns and needs of business owners. Furthermore, I think outside the box and when it comes to resolving problems, I am usually the innovative voice of solution.  

The McKinney Chamber has identified priorities for our community’s economic health, including transportation, water and economic development. Please share your thoughts on the following questions:

  1. What are the most important issues the businesses in your district face?
    1. Downtown businesses – Parking (currently implementing a plan to address needs)
    2. Other businesses – Inefficient city ordinances which stump growth for example: business sign size ordinances, site inspections for developers
  1. What is the city’s role in growing the economy and how can we best attract businesses to McKinney while supporting existing businesses?
    1. The city plays the biggest role in growing the economy. Attract businesses by making it easy to start and conduct business in McKinney. Review and update ordinances as city grows. Provide contractual tax abatements where opportunity exists.
  1. What role do you believe McKinney National Airport has in McKinney’s economic development?
    1. A massive role especially in the coming years. The airport is about to out of the red and will be the single most efficient supply of revenue for the city by 2020. Furthermore, it is a great asset for the city to market to businesses looking to relocate.
  1. How can McKinney continue to increase the commercial tax base?
    1. Ensure best resources are in place to court other CEOs
    2. Review current city ordinances and update as needed
    3. Seek out opportunities rather than waiting for growth
    4. Provide adequate zoning for economic growth
  1. In a growing community, do you anticipate supporting transportation initiatives including public transportation?
    1. I do support public transportation initiatives that are fiscally responsible
  1. What do you believe is McKinney’s greatest challenge/opportunity in the next three years?
    1. Balancing corporate and residential tax bases. It is vital to the success of the city that fiscally responsible ideas are presented and decisions are made to assist in bringing additional business to McKinney.