Charlie Philips


At Large

Office/Seat you are running for:

McKinney City Council At Large



(214) 683-6508

Campaign website:


Bachelors of Architecture, Masters of Architecture, Doctorate of Jurisprudence

Professional background/employment

  • 25 years of practicing law in Texas
  • 23 years in business in McKinney.

Why are you seeking this office?

To pay back all who served in leadershp of McKinney to give my family the blessed life we have lived in McKinney.

What qualifies you to understand the unique needs facing McKinney businesses?

  • 23 years of doing business with, for, and in McKinney
  • 23 years of civic leadership to the community

The McKinney Chamber has identified priorities for our community’s economic health, including transportation, water and economic development. Please share your thoughts on the following questions:

  1. What are the most important issues the businesses in your district face?

The lack of business in McKinney & the reasons why McKinney's commercial tax base is shrinking.

  1. What is the city’s role in growing the economy and how can we best attract businesses to McKinney while supporting existing businesses?

Change the culture of the city's staff to make McKinney business friendly & accomodating to new business, inviting & less restrictive. 

  1. What role do you believe McKinney National Airport has in McKinney’s economic development?

The airport is an economic engine & is a vital asset to attracting business to McKinney.

  1. How can McKinney continue to increase the commercial tax base?

McKinney's commercial tax base has declined & not increased - see answer to #2 above.

  1. In a growing community, do you anticipate supporting transportation initiatives including public transportation?

Yes. It is necessary for us to adequately sustain a rapidly expanding population.

  1. What do you believe is McKinney’s greatest challenge/opportunity in the next three years?

Reversing the trend of decreasing the commercial tax base/planning for growth/quality of life.