2012 General Election Results

As predicted, republicans maintained a stronghold in Collin County even though the Republican party failed to secure the Presidency or control of the U.S. Senate on the national stage.  Republicans in Collin County showed strong support for Romney with 64.9% voting republican for the President locally. 

US Senate and US House of Representatives

McKinney and Collin County will be represented in the U.S. Senate by Republican Ted Cruz who secured 57% of the vote, and will continue to be represented in US House District 3 by Sam Johnson who has served in the post since 1991.  Securing his seat for US House Representative District 4 is Republican Ralph Hall, with 73% of the vote, and Incumbent Republican Pete Session winning US House District 32 with 58% of the vote. 

State Senate and State House of Representatives

McKinney’s State Representative in District 70 since 2003, Republican Ken Paxton has secured the State Senate Seat for District 8 with 63.88% of the vote, defeating democrat Jack Ternan, with 33.02% of the vote.  Paxton will be replaced in State House District 70 by Republican Scott Sanford who did not face a challenger in the general election.  Republican Craig Estes from Wichita Falls will retain his seat in District 30 which represents a very small area of McKinney with a strong showing and 86% of the vote.  In other House races affecting Collin County Van Taylor will retain his seat in District 66 and Incumbent Jodie Laubenberg wins District 89.  Newcomers Jeff Leach will represent District 67 in the House formerly occupied by Jerry Madden who did not seek reelection and Scott Turner will represent District 33 defeating Michael Carrasco, both are republicans.

State Board of Education

District 12 will be represented by Geraldine “Tincy” Miller on the State Board of Education who defeated democratic challenger Lois Parrott with 66% of the vote.  Miller is a former long term member of the State Board of Education who defeated incumbent George Clayton in the primary.

Many of the other local elections were decided in the primaries as they did not draw challenges in the general election – click here for the full list of Collin County Election results.

The following races were uncontested in Collin County in the general election:

District Judge, 199th Judicial District                       Angela Tucker (R)

District Judge, 380th Judicial District                       Ben Smith (R)

District Judge, 401st Judicial District                       Mark Rusch (R)

District Judge, 416th Judicial District                       Chris Oldner (R)

Judge, County Court at Law Number 2                   Barnett Walker (R)

Sheriff                                                                            Terry Box (R)

County Tax Assessor-Collector                                 Kenneth L. Maun (R)

District Clerk                                                                 Andrea Stroh Thompson (R)

County Commissioner, Precinct 1                            Matt Shaheen (R)

County Commissioner, Precinct 3                            Chris Hill (R)

Justice of the Peace, Prec. 3, Place 1                      Chuck Ruckel (R)

Constable, Precinct No. 1                                           Shane Williams (R)

Constable, Precinct No. 2                                           Joe Barton (R)

Constable, Precinct No. 3                                           Sammy Knapp (R)

Constable, Precinct No. 4                                           Joe Wright (R)

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