When it comes to business, image is everything. Just ask Aimee Woolverton, a professional photographer who had been searching for a retail office and studio space reflecting her creative brand for more than a year.

“My business had outgrown my home, and during my search of retail office buildings, I struggled with the banker’s carpet, gray walls and stiff, boring surroundings I encountered,” Woolverton says. “I wanted something that reflected me.”

By chance, she visited McKinney Office Suites by Yeager Properties and was blown away.

“When I walked in McKinney Office Suites, I discovered a unique design combination of French Country, Art Deco, Asian Fusion and industrial warehouse [styles] colliding to Create an amazing impact,” Woolverton explains. “You don’t see this type of style anywhere. It’s truly different.”

McKinney Office Suites, designed and built by Yeager Properties of Indianapolis, Indiana, is a 30,000- squarefoot building providing 114 suites for clients seeking individual, affordable office space.

The unique, über-cool design creates an immediate wow factor when guests enter the lobby. An eclectic mix of hardwood and tile floors, bamboo decor, exposed pipes and glass chandeliers greet customers as they enter the space.

Using a blended combination of exposed industrial, contemporary and antique designs, the building has an old-meets-new vibe. A cool example: Each door is unique in its size, shape and color, adding tremendous character and customization of the building.

Scott Yeager, President of Yeager Office Properties, explains the design philosophy: “Overall, we strive to create an energy and image throughout the space – one that projects a well-established company and helps to create a brand for each and every tenant.”

Yeager says that when the McKinney building opened a year ago, it immediately received “immense, positive interest” – so much so that it is almost 100 percent leased.

“We are pleased it has been so successful,” he says. “Our tenants include a diverse mix of professionals including traditional clients like attorneys, financial analysts, insurance and real estate agents as well as licensed massage therapists, counselors, nail technicians and tattoo artists. You name it – we have it.”

In addition to offering office space, McKinney Office Suites provides shared business amenities for all of the 54 current businesses, including conference room areas, building manager services for greeting and directing guests, shared copy and fax rooms, and a group kitchen and cafe area.

And, every tenant receives a key that unlocks not only the McKinney office but every other Yeager property, including seven buildings in Indianapolis and future buildings within the Dallas/Fort Worth area, allowing shared conference room access.The facility also provides phone service, Internet access, utilities, parking, individual mailboxes, postal and fax service and cleaning services.

Yeager Properties, a family owned business, expanded into McKinney last year. Each building’s style differs from the previous one, evolving as they go.

David Yeager, Scott’s brother, heads up the design for all of the office suites. “Every building’s space plays out as we go through the design process, offering a different vibe and sense,” he explains. “In the end, we want the work environment to be a fun place to come each day, and we like to infuse history within each design.

“Within the McKinney building,” he adds, “we combined an Eclectic mix of progressive design combined with vintage and antique looks, and we blended in some of the local flavor, including a good variety of old McKinney photos from the Chamber of Commerce. It’s a great look.”

The Yeager brothers’ father is the “chief finder” of all unique antiques and hunts down unusual treasures state by state.

“In all of our designs, we try to use refurbished materials as much as possible,” David Yeager says. “They add a lot of character and uniqueness to the space and, of course, are better for the environment.”

The Yeagers encourage their tenants to not only share an office but to work to develop and share ideas, concepts and time together.

“We try to facilitate a network, encouraging relationships,” David Yeager says. “We like to think of it as a college dorm of business professionals, where tenants can bounce ideas off each other and help each other out. Much of it is the entrepreneurial spirit and a ‘think tank’ environment.”

Woolverton loves the environment: “The Yeagers hold quarterly get-togethers, and I have gotten to know so many other great people within the building [and] used their respective services. It’s a community – it’s truly awesome.”

Yeager Properties plan to expand to Frisco next, eventually offering 18 locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Scott Yeager says, “The more locations we offer, the more value we provide for our tenants, creating innovative work spaces and definitive brands for our customers. That is our goal.”

For more information, go to yeagerproperties.com.


About the author: Carolyn Cameron is a local marketer and freelance writer who frequently contributes to McKinney Magazine.