Being local is incredibly important to Tom Woliver, who is building the new Painted Tree community in McKinney.

Many of the consultants, co-founder and president of McKinney-based Oxland Group are hiring, live in the city.

He relocated his company from Plano to McKinney.

And his family has now moved to McKinney.

“We’re all in on McKinney,” Woliver told Check Out DFW during an interview discussing why his company picked McKinney to do business in.

Woliver is building a unique residential community in McKinney. At full build out, Painted Tree will consist of 1,100 acres of residential development, which will include 3,400 homesites offering a variety of options like single-family homes and townhouses for sale, as well as apartments and single-family homes for lease. It will be a community that is linked by paths and trails — up to 25 miles of them — and a 20-acre lake, trailheads and community gathering places.

While Oxland Group has always been located in Texas, they just recently moved to the square in Historic Downtown McKinney.

For Woliver, it has been a little bit of a homecoming. He lived in McKinney from 2004-2013, and now he’s discovering all over again why so many people are choosing McKinney.

“As we started looking at doing business in McKinney, we had almost forgotten what a gem it is,” he said. “As we have gotten re-acquainted with the city, I’ve just been blown away with the projects the city is working on.”

Woliver said McKinney between 1990-2000 experienced a fair amount of growth and now it’s picking up again.

“Painted Tree came up because we were looking for a town that matched our tone and authenticity,” Woliver said. “Developers of many North Texas greenfield master-planned communities spend a lot of time and money on creating a sense of ‘place’ since these areas typically lack access to neighborhood goods and services. But for Painted Tree, nearby goods and services already existed, and the historical downtown McKinney was a stone’s throw away. So there was simply no need to fabricate an authentic Texas town. It’s right in our backyard.”  

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