Could these homes be any more different?

We're talking about real estate in DFW and Seattle. Every once in a while, we take a look at a DFW city and compare it to another one to show you what you can afford in the same price point. We typically try to find a place that is or has been a popular location for newcomers.

The Seattle vs. Dallas compare is pretty interesting because the Texas homestyle is so different than the style of northwest homes.

The size is definitely different but the vibe is what really jumps out.

We searched for homes in the $1 million range in both cities and this is what we found:

3838 32nd Ave W, Seattle, $1,100,000

3 Beds

2 Baths

1,880 Sq Ft

9727 Champa Dr, Dallas, $1,000,000

5 Beds

3.5 Baths

3,053 Sq Ft

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