A recent report from the Insurance Council of Texas shows that Collin County has had over 40 reported tornadoes totaling over $16 million in damages. The same study found that 273 hail storms resulted in over $8 million in damages.

In the months of April and May of 2011, there were 26 hail storms.

Of the counties surrounding Collin, Dallas County had the highest reported number of tornadoes (92) and hail storms (550) with a combined loss of nearly $1.4 billion.

The counties that topped the list? Harris County, which includes Houston, was far and away the leader in tornadoes with 215, 92 more than Hale County, which is just north of Lubbock and located in the Texas Panhandle. Harris County tornados cost residents over $500 million.

For hail storms, Tarrant County (Fort Worth) had 800 storms for a monetary loss of over $700 million.

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