by: The Art of Living Beautifully

Last week I introduced you to Bob and Vickie Roden, owners of Utmost Travel, and told of the highly customized vacation packages they are able to design for their clients…which can be you! Unlike online travel sites, Bob and Vickie cultivate a personal relationship with each client in order to create personalized vacations. Did you miss last week’s post? No problem, you can re-read it by CLICKING HERE.

Today, I want to go into more detail about Utmost Travel’s areas of specialty – Guided Tours, Individual Travel, All-Inclusive Resorts, and Group Travel. However, it is important to note that even the simplest travel details – such as booking a flight and hotel – are well within their realm of expertise.

When I asked Bob if their association with Cruise Planners was indicative of the type of travel they specialize in, he responded, “70% of our business is land travel and 50% of that is European travel.” While they are certainly able to book river and ocean cruises all over the world (including in the Polar regions…but stay tuned for more on that next week!), their abilities encompass far more than water travel. It is also worth noting that Bob and Vickie are official AMEX Travel representatives and can apply your travel miles, perks, and benefits to the travel they book for you.

Guided Tours

Guided Tours allow the customer to enjoy their location by participating in a pre-packaged tour with a group of other travelers.  They are curated so that you truly understand the history and cultural milieu.  These tours may focus around a specific theme like history, local foods, or iconic scenery, but all will include the elements you need like lodging, transportation, admission to famous sites, and exciting excursions.

Individual Travel

“Many travelers prefer to rent a car and just drive,” Vickie explained when I asked what the term individual travelmeant. “We book their flights, compile lists of sight-seeing attractions, provide maps, reserve cars and hotels, and purchase any daily excursions the client is interested in, but all with flexibility for the client to change.” For the independent traveler, there is a tremendous advantage to having Bob and Vickie available if something goes amiss. Hotel doesn’t have your reservation? Bob and Vickie will work it out with the hotel for you. Lost your tickets to a tour? Bob and Vickie will email you a copy.  Individual Travel is awesome, just make sure you have a lifeline to Bob and Vickie on the way.

All-Inclusive Resorts

While visiting with the Rodens, I learned that all-inclusive options can be found at every level of luxury. Understanding the many options available to travelers can be a little overwhelming, so Bob and Vickie are available to help navigate the adult-only and/or kid-friendly options, as well as...